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Tre'von Clark Experience LLC

Exceeding every eating expectation imaginable, creating luxurious custom dining experiences! Once clients, ALWAYS FAMILY!
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Tre’von Clark the God-made Millionaire!

 As a young boy, the idea of graduating college just to land a good job with benefits as a means of survival seemed completely insane! There simply has to be more to life than mere toiling because it leaves little room for me to do exactly what God has created me to do. I firmly believe that steps of a good man is ordered by the Lord and that our gifts will make room for us. Everything we need is already inside! Undeniably, I am anointed not just to cook but to design flavorful cuisine sure to impress your taste buds.

The gift and art of cooking are divinely natural to me, and it is my joy to share it with you. Though the Good Lord has blessed my hands to prepare aromatic and scrumptious meals, I recognize that there are many others who cannot cook, do not like to cook, or the thought alone brings unwanted stress.

Is this person you? It is okay. Breathe! I know that there is an inner chef in you waiting to come to life once I properly teach you.

My earliest kitchen memory is spending time with my Nanny as a six-year-old boy straddling a stool to wash dishes as she cooked and I cleaned. I remember snapping beans, trimming greens, and peeling potatoes with her. Throughout my childhood, I learned how to clean and season meats, mix macaroni and cheese, bake quiche, and add my own twist to good ole’ Southern dishes.

Nanny was my best friend and her kitchen was our secret hangout spot. She is no longer physically with me but our memories live deep in my heart and come alive in my kitchen and lessons. Thanks to her I now carry the chef’s mantle in the family.




Designed for the busy parent or caretaker who has no time to prepare daily meals but also wants to avoid takeout. Perhaps you have varied dietary needs or you are simply tired of eating the same-o-same-o. 

Save your time and satisfy everyone with my family-sized custom gourmet meals delivered on Sundays and Mondays. Go ahead–stream a movie and relax. Dinner is on me.

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Created for small groups of 10-30 people where the life of the party is the menu! 

My team + I deliver diverse and flavorful cuisines that will sure to be the talk of the town (or the office). Small scale catering is available locally to the DMV area. 

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Planning a special celebration, a date night, an anniversary, or a proposal? Let me help you do it BIG!

I prepare an elegant and intimate in-home experience with two hours of service and personalization. Private dining  includes an exquisite three-course meal and one à la carte luxury service: sommelier, masseuse, harpist (live music), photographer, live artist with painting presentation, paint with instructor.

Private dining experiences are available locally to the DMV area and selected cities. !




Join live broadcast via Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube with Tre’von Clark!  As a family, we laugh, cry, cook, and have fun grooving in the kitchen. Roll up your sleeves and cook along or just come to hang out! Either way, it will be quite the experience with the fam.

Checkout Oh, I Know You Can Cook! My new three-part series!

Part 1: 80 Essential Things Needed to Keep a Well-Rounded Kitchen is available now!









Once per month, my team + I host a secret themed pop-up VIP diner for ten in different cities. When the invites are emailed, will you have a seat at the table ? We only discuss what happens in the club within our group! Have some fun and become acquainted with new folk outside of your norm. 

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Need to sharpen your cooking skills or learn how to cook? Love to cook and want to learn more? Let’s connect! You can pick my brain, ask me questions, or gain some cooking tips in a live consultation with me.  

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Testimony Service


         What can I say about Trevon Keith Clark and the TC Experience.  I met Trevon about 10 years ago as a high school student and best friend to my daughter Nyjah.  He is a very personable and kind  young man, who from day one called me and my husband his Godparents.  It was a running joke because his parents did not assign us with that role, however Trevon did and now we actually consider him our Godson.

       Over the years I have seen this young man mature and pursue his dream as a chef/caterer.  He has provided outstanding services for my family and friends, from parties, to holiday events, to weekly food preps.  Trevon’s food is beyond exceptional.  He is able to prepare whatever you request, whether it’s a traditional meal, something exotic, or something he may have never prepared before.  Trevon is also always up for any challenge whether small or large.  He will give you a finished product that will satisfy and fill you.  He will not only cook it, but will deliver with a big smile.  You need the TC Experience, if you have not already experienced it.  Once you Experience Trevon, you will keep coming back, like me.

-Tracey Hancock



Small Scale Catering